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October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Well its a late announcement phir bhi
My articles have been posted in Chmag on forensics for Matriux Vibhag, More to come yet 

Forensics Part-I — Introduction and Acquisition
Foreniscs Part-II — Analysis
Forensics Part-III – Analysis part II have to be published , article submitted 🙂

Your Comments and suggestion will make my articles more interesting and knowledge sharing stuff . Please give the feed back after go through them :).

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Articles related to Forensics

Hi friends,

Here is some of the interesting Forensics articles, More coming soon

Linux live forensics

Analysis of Stuxnet using System internals

Stuxnet’s Footprint in Memory with Volatility 2.0

Prefetch files at Face Value


Virtual Machine Data recovery using Open VMFS Driver


All the credits will go for the respective authors of the posts , i am only sharing the data .


This blog will be of my personal and official experiences.

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