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How To Test a software

Every¬† one uses many Software’s in our day to day life, a user have a chance to report the bugs and errors in the software to the manufacturer, then how can we test a software, there are many ways to test a software for example if we take a software which uses Microsoft operating system, mostly users use Windows operating systems as a interface as it is very user friendly, We can check in Performance, Usability, and Security perspectives.

Performance: We can check most of the performance details in our powerful tool “Windows Task Manager”. It includes application access time and how it performs for a single operation, what is the CPU usage and Processes usage when running the application, it depends on the application how much it uses but every application should be run with normal priority how much time taken to access the service, how much virtual memory used, what is the processor ID and how much page file size used all those stuff.

Usability: The usability of the application can be identified as we use it , stopping the services from services.msc,changing the users while running the applications, restarting the services while application is running, accessing the application at a same time i.e running the application and opening the same application again, observing the installations and UN-installations by canceling, going front and back while installing and more …

Security:Securing a product is the most interesting part of testing and working with the software.We can check this from Exact path of the file locations where it is installed and shortcuts created, what are the services it is using for running the applications which port numbers it is using for communication, is there any chance of deleting and replacing the running application files in installation folders replacing registry entries of the software and more ..

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